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               A spirit of adventure with a streak of creativity.

Welcome to my site. I’m Dean, aka The Dirt Road Cowboy.

I am an adventurer, explorer and treasure hunter, but mostly I consider myself to be a Spiritual Guide.

Recently, I have gone through HELL! Major SHTF in my life, and I am trying to recover.

I teach adventuring and survival skills, although my services are primarily entertainment and education through written manuals, storytelling and visual arts. I also teach people to incorporate affordable adventures into their lives.

As of May of 2017, I have been preparing for the Greatest Adventure that I have ever taken! Then, I will be able to serve as a guide to future adventurers that are willing to take the greatest life-changing adventure possible!

I have started to create art from artifacts and objects found during my travels and explorations. I am offering these to people that want to be part of the adventure. Some of these pieces are wearable art, such as arrowhead necklaces. Other pieces may be formed into sculptured or desktop/tabletop art, or larger works for framing.

I do have some Dirt Road Cowboy merchandise for sale on TeeSpring: Dirt Road Cowboy's TeeSpring Store.

I am also working on writing a series of Guides To Affordable Adventuring. The first guide is on Affordable Adventure Motorcycling. It is available now on Amazon.
Other guides will include wilderness survival, preparedness, affordable travel, cruising on a small sailboat, locating treasure and more.

I have a separate blog where I post about my Christian teachings.

I also have started a Christian podcast HERE.

I am available for personal instruction as well as to speak at churches, lectures, travel seminars, and most events. Please contact me for more information.